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Trade Business

Import Business

Importing Interior Products, Stone Materials, Linen Products, Furniture and Others from around the World

Our Company has been providing customers selected products from around the world. Lots of products we provided such as Chinese stones, daily life furniture, and linen products like towels are playing active parts at much scenes of our daily life.

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Export Business

Exporting “Quality, Reliable and Delicious”
Hokkaido Food to the World

We can provide a wide range of food from normal-temperature preserved ones to frozen ones such as sweets and seafood. We strongly help the manufacturers to export and sell their products overseas.

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Tenant Building Business

Well-managed Office Buildings in Good Locations

At present, we own 4 buildings, "Continental Building", "Continental ZONE Building", “Continental WEST. N Building" and "Continental WEST. S Building" mainly around West-11 chome district, and manage and operate them.

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To the Customers Looking for Rental Offices

Look at Room Availabilities:

  • コンチネンタルビル


  • コンチネンタルZONEビル


  • NJKビル


  • コンチネンタルWest.Sビル


Cultural Business

It is available to use as a rental gallery for exhibitions of pictures, photographs, industrial works and others.

You can display a wide range of art objects such as calligraphy, pictures, sculptures, ceramic arts and craft works.

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Restaurant Business

“Music Cafe Day & Night”

This restaurant has two faces, cafe in the daytime and bar at night. It is decorated with bricks and has the high ceiling and comfortable space. There are PA and musical instruments, and it also suits for various parties such as musical lives and karaoke parties.

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Continental Building, 1, West-11, South-1, Chuo-ku, Sapporo, Hokkaido, Japan



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